We are strong proponents of advancing human rights and social justice, and seek enduring solutions to help vulnerable populations prosper. While most of our work is focused locally, a portion of our work has a global reach.  Aiming to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity, we are pursuing a range of sustainable development goals in the poorest regions of the world.  We believe affordable clean energy access, clean water and women’s equal rights multiply effects for safe, dignified, thriving communities.  We also support in-service, immersive learning opportunities for college students as a pathway to aid communities and prepare future leaders to address the world’s challenges.


Our Recent Social Empowerment Grants include:

Acumen Fund – invests in companies, leaders, and ideas that are changing the way the world tackles poverty – we partner with the Energy Portfolio, which is opening doors through electrifying Western Africa, India and other areas with clean, safe and affordable energy that 1.5 billion people lack

Global Fund for Women – a grantmaking foundation that advances women’s human rights in 170 counties worldwide by investing in women led-organizations and women’s collective leadership for change

University of Dayton Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service  (ETHOS) – students participate in engineering service-learning projects across the globe, including Appalachia, Africa, Central America, Brazil, China and India, to foster sustainable development solutions

University of Illinois Subsistence Marketplaces InitiativeGlobal Business Brigades and Enactus – the Hanley Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance for students to participate in immersion service-learning trips in developing countries to bring about sustainable, social change – destinations have included India, Uganda, Tanzania, Mexico, Russia and Panama.

SHINE – a global campaign to mobilize foundations, faith groups and other mission-driven organizations to dedicate grants and investments to massively scale up funding for clean energy access, a sustainable development goal, that underlies