Fired up after Jan Schakowsky’s Ultimate Women’s Power Lunch today among 1,700 beloved sisters and secure brothers with Jack Darin & Sierra Club folks. Former EPA head Gina McCarthy rocked the house!

Jan started by saying Trump’s deeply unpopular agenda has accomplished one HUGE thing – awakening the sleeping giant, a fierce resistance led by NASTY WOMEN. She was awed by the Women’s March – its diversity, passion and complete sense of unity. She pointed out very few matters they vote on are life or death. With yesterday’s heartless, deadly repeal of the Affordable Care Act, the GOP might just have lost Congress. Only 17% of voters supported the bill the first time around. By slashing protections for pre-existing conditions, now you’re really pissing off grandma. Her ideas on what can we do: Put pressure on our reps voting the wrong way. Send her our personal stories to share. Phone bank. Support candidates. Communicate on social media & write letters to the editor. Join an organization. Keep bombarding advertisers of fake news (just got Bill O’Reilly fired!). And in 2018 – help elect a new congress, senators and governor! She firmly believes what is happening right now outside Congress is more important than what’s happening inside. Showing up makes a difference. Feel your power. Communicate your power. Use your power. When we fight, we win.

With her awesome Boston accent and fierce truth to power spirit, former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, jolted us to act. Mentioning her favorite Climate March sign was “I can’t believe we still have to fight for this shit” – she stressed we cannot abandon the progress made over the past 45 years. Clean air and water, safe healthy land and a livable planet IS NOT PARTISAN. We have to protect all of our kids, everybody’s lungs and drinking water. Noting she’s a public health – not a polar bear – person, we must make our kids and communities healthy and safe, and ensure a future on this planet. We cannot divest from the Great Lakes. We must not let science be undermined, as several bills are trying to do. With science, we innovate, create jobs and improve ourselves. She encouraged local (endangered) EPA workers not to go anywhere, to stick it out. She pointed out – it’s the economy stupid. The clean energy train has left the station and is not turning back. The price of wind and solar has dropped so much it’s competitive. There are more jobs in wind, solar and energy efficiency than fossil fuels. Remember, most good things happen at local and state level. She urged us to stop fretting and start acting. We must protect our children and natural resources. Time to fight the good fight, pull up our big boy points and get moving!